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This should be easy step, but there is no guidance, and my installation is turning into a week-long nightmare.

How do i configure Wordpress on NAS so that the website I create is visible on public internet through my domain At the moment, I can only access my website through This is pointless, since I won't be able to invite public into my house, just too see my website. So there has to be a better way....

  • ports 80/5000 on my router are enabled via Synology's EZ-internet app
  • WebStation has virtualhost defined that points to my at
  • At no-ip. I defined as target MY IP, which I obtained by Googling "what's my public IP" from within my home network.

  • when i enter in browser, I am prompted to login to my ROUTER?!?!?! Why? I should be seeing my website developed on my Synology NAS, and I am not!

I cannot believe there are no user guides for this! And I cannot believe that noone knows how to do this! No Youtube videos, no forums, no answers???

Extremely frustrated....

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