I am creating projects in Processing 3.5.3. I don't like the Processing IDE and want to use Visual Studio Code instead. I couldn't find a helpful source online (most didn't have the full instructions). So, I tried to do it myself.

I installed the Processing Language extension in Visual Studio Code. In order to configure it, I created a file named Processing.pde, opened it, and then pressed Ctrl+Shift+P and typed Create Task File. I selected my workspace folder from the list in the Command Palette. I got a notification saying:

tasks.json already exists. Overwrite it?

I clicked Yes, and got another notification saying

Please add Processing to your path!

I have Processing in E:\processing-3.5.3-windows64\processing-3.5.3. I added this to the path variable (in System Variables) and tried again. But I got the notification again.

Am I adding the wrong path? How do I configure VSCode for Processing?

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