How can I change user and hostname in gitbash?

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To set up user name in git:

# set the user name as global (user level) configuration
git config --global "user name"

To change the bash prompt read those answers:

Where exactly Git Bash for Windows' prompt is defined?
Alter Git prompt on Windows

The basic issue is the you will have to create user profile file like you do in Unix. In widows it will be placed under %PROGRAMFILES%\Git\etc\profile and you will set the PS1 environment variable there.

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  1. For hostname, Change your computer name from system properties of PC
  2. For username change your account name( from which you log in)
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you have thre posibilities:

  1. Systemwide change of that properties:

    git config --system "user5148540"

  2. changes on Windows user level

    git config --global "user5148540"

  3. Repository (Projekt Level) Level: for just a Projekt:

    git config "user5148540"