I want to create peer to peer software with WCF as peer name resolver service. When I create a peer name and register it, I've URL like [anewpeername].pnrp.net.

var peerName = new PeerName("anewpeername", PeerNameType.Unsecured);
var pnReg = new PeerNameRegisteration();
pnReg.PeerName = peerName;
pnReg.Port = 5474;

Now, peer URL is anewpeername.pnrp.net.

I need change default peer name resolver domain||server pnrp.net to my own domain||server.

My question is about how to change a pnrp.net peer name resolver domain to custom peer name resolver domain?


anewpeername.pnrp.net change to anewpeername.example.com.

Thank you.

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