How to change CPU ID

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How do I change my cpu id I know how to get it yet I have no clue how to change it I really need help. Im using this code:

private string getCPUID()
    string cpuInfo = "";
    ManagementClass managClass = new ManagementClass("win32_processor");
    ManagementObjectCollection managCollec = managClass.GetInstances();

    foreach (ManagementObject managObj in managCollec)
        if (cpuInfo == "")
            //Get only the first CPU's ID
            cpuInfo = managObj.Properties["processorID"].Value.ToString();

    return cpuInfo;

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Avin Kavish On

I can't tell you how to change CPU Id's because I don't think that's possible but I can tell you how to write concise code,

private string getFirstCPUID() =>
    new ManagementClass("win32_processor")

Christopher Painter On



Data type: string

Access type: Read-only

This value comes from the Processor ID member of the Processor Information structure in the SMBIOS information.

There's no way to do this from c# code. The use cases I know for this involve using some sort of VM or Hypervisor solution that lets you emulate different harware. This is sometimes helpful for things like a VPN client that enforces being on physical hardware and not a VM.