I am trying to call on() method on the click of a dynamically added HTML checkbox. But the on() method is not invoked.

Here is my HTML fragment which is added dynamically to the DOM.

var htmlFragment = ("<div style='width:280px;height:60px;margin: auto'>"+
     "<input type='checkbox' id='elementInTodoList'></input><label for='elementInTodoList'> </label> <input type='text' id='elementInTodoList'></input> <button type='button'>Delete</button>"+

The above fragment is appended to a division (with id="todoParent") on click of a button (with id ="addItem") using following code:


And below is the on() method which I want to call on click of checkbox present in above HTML fragment.


When I try to call on() method on click of checkbox (with id="elementInTodoList"), the on() method didn't get called and "kush" is not get printed. I want to call on() method when checkbox get checked.

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