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How to aggregate one index of an array field in Elasticsearch

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I have documents that look like this:

    "clientId": "FPIev_86RwB",
    "viewId": "FPIewF1aRyU",
    "sessionId": "FPIewE16Rxu",
    "trackingId": "FPIewHfaRx9",
    "type": "view",
    "intVal": [  

I want to different aggregations (such as sum or avg) on just one index of the array across a set of documents. However, it seems that I can't specify the index like I could specify a field on an object. Here is what I tried:

    "size": 0,
    "aggs": {
        "avg_1": {
            "avg": {
                "field": "intVal.1"

As you can see, I tried selecting the index of the field with intVal.1 but that isn't working. I have a variable number of values that may be added to an array, but the values in a specific index position are all for the same thing so I want to do an aggregation on the array index. Is there any way I can make this work?

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