I have a habit of right clicking and killing away the refresh option multiple times every time some task is completed. But I am not able to add that option in Parrot OS.

I had this set up perfectly in Ubuntu. Recently, I shifted to parrot os. I tried to install nautilus-refresh but it is not available for the same. Repository cant be added and I cant find the deb installation file for it.

I tried both these links to no avail:



apt-get install nautilus-refresh

I just want to add an option to the right click, I simply do not care if it refreshes the desktop or not.

1 Answers

Siddharth Naithani On Best Solutions

This is because you are trying to add refresh option to nautilus which is part of gnome environment whereas parrot-os uses caja which is part of mate environment

To add a working refresh option in mate, you need to:

  1. Install xautomation by sudo apt install xautomation (you will need xte feature provided by it)

  2. Now open location /home/USER/.config/caja/scripts folder (press ctrl+h in home folder to see .config folder)

  3. Create a file named refresh and add the following in it:


xte "key F5"
  1. Finally right click refresh file, go to properties and check all Execute options inside Permissions tab

You can now see a refresh option when you right click inside scripts -> refresh