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I don't have tons of experience using excel, mostly matlab, mathematics, and R. However I would like to get started on a problem that I am trying to solve in excel. I have a pivot table that is displaying an item related data - item id, these item id's are used to create a form, right now I am randomizing them, so every time I hit the refresh button (added manually) my item id column is updated, and new items are selected for form generation.

I would like a way to add input boxes to my pivot table, so a user can use inputs to filter the pivot table data, I would like the following filter input boxes (item id - a range of Id's can be passed in this box, and items in the pivot table refresh accordingly)

IN - this is a state standard the user can input state standards, so only items from those state standards are displayed.

DOK - this is item difficulty, a button or input box can be used to select items from difficulty 1, 2, or 3

Item type - same idea for item type

I am attaching a screenshot, but I an new to this so I might be missing details / information. please let me know what else is needed. I am not even sure of something like this is possible in excel, but maybe worth a try

Thank you so much

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