Good day. I'm trying to develop a simple Tizen (wearable) app. So, my current goal is to make a button that has a 'plus' icon. I've created a single UI Layout project.

So, this is the code for the button.

<button align_v="fill" visible="true" weight_v="1" pack_h="49" weight_h="1" align_h="fill" pack_w="210" disable="false" pack_x="290" pack_y="364" style="default" id="button1" text="Button">

Usually, when creating Android apps, we do this:


'src' attribute is not allowed for buttons in Tizen apparently. Is there a workaround?

How do we do something like this in Tizen?

PS: Does anyone have any idea the equivalent of a RelativeLayout(android) in Tizen?

Appreciate it folks!

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