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I'm trying to implement Unit Tests using Pytest, Moto (4.1.6) and s3fs (0.4.2) for my functions that interact with S3.

So far I am able to create a bucket and populate it with all the files that live in the data folder.

Unfortunately one of my requirements is that I need to access the bucket with the s3fs.core.S3FileSystem object class since that's how our internal library works and I'm trying to stay as close as possible to the original environment.

That wouldn't be a problem if I didn't get access denied when I try to access the fake bucket.

Here's the relevant code from

#!/usr/bin/env python3

from moto import mock_s3
from pathlib import Path

import boto3
import os
import pytest
import s3fs

def test_data_folder():
    return os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), "data")

def s3_filesystem(test_data_folder):
    connection = boto3.client("s3", region_name="us-east-1")

    for path in Path(test_data_folder).rglob("*"):
        if path.is_file():
            with open(path, "rb") as parquet:
               data =
               connection.put_object(Bucket="bucket", Key=str(path), Body=data)

    bucket = boto3.resource("s3").Bucket("bucket")
    for object in bucket.objects.all():

    filesystem = s3fs.S3FileSystem(anon=True)
    return filesystem

After this code runs I can see in the output of my print that several files that look like this exist in there: /Users/campos/repos/project/tests/data/20221027/transactions_test_20221027.parquet

I want to return the s3fs.core.S3FileSystem object to my tests, but when I try to run in my debugger I get *** PermissionError: All access to this object has been disabled

Going a little deeper, the objects returned in from objects.bucket.all() look like this: s3.ObjectSummary(bucket_name='bucket', key='/Users/campos/repos/project/tests/data/20221027/orders_test_20221027.parquet')

I already tried adding a public access control list to the bucket creation like this s3.create_bucket(Bucket="bucket", ACL="public-read") but it didn't change anything.

I also saw this in the error messages:

api_params = {'Bucket': 'Users', 'Delimiter': '/', 'EncodingType': 'url', 'Prefix': 'ykb595/repos/gfctr-card-lob-pyexetl/tests/data/'}


botocore.errorfactory.NoSuchBucket: An error occurred (NoSuchBucket) when calling the ListObjectsV2 operation: The specified bucket does not exist

It's very clear that my files exist somewhere in some sort of bucket, but something it looks like something is not being able to find the bucket.

What am I missing?

Thank you in advance!!

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