This is not a question about the active use of jupyter notebooks, but about how much effect they are having if I have a small number (anywhere between 1 to 10) open in the background.

I, like many other users I'm sure, use them for their convenience - and it's tempting to have quite a few open (though not running most of the time) so I have quick access to all the projects I'm working on at any time.

Also, like many other users, I'm trying to work out the best compromise between their convenience and having a lithe and reactive computer (I'm on a macbook pro for reference, though I invite much more general answers)

Am I making a tradeoff by having these open? Is there some rule of thumb I can use to have an semi-optimally convenient and lightweight interaction with jupyter notebooks? Is there some logic to which tabs (in chrome or any other browser) are resource hogs and are slowing down the rest of my computer?

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