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I have a medium size legacy php application with almost no javascript integration. I've recently been learning javascript (yes actually learning it) using Douglas Crockfords excellent book and taken YUI as my library of choice. I've tried out a few things and got a few things working but now I want to integrate the various components etc into my application properly, my question is how to go about doing this for ease of maintenance and code reuse.

Currently the application consists of

  • php pages
  • smarty templates (html templates with some special template markup) for each section of a page so multiple templates may be used for a single page.
  • single css file.

I have the following ideas about how to integrate my javascript into the pages.

  1. Write inline javascript in each smarty template with the code required for that section.
  2. Write a seperate .js file to go with each smarty template that is linked in and then a single inline script to run it.
  3. a seperate .js file for each php page which would have all the functionality required for the entire .php page. A small inline function would call whatever functions were required.
  4. Something I havent though of?

Does this make any sense? Does anyone have a good suggestion for this?


One extra bit of info is that its an internal application, so its not so important to restrict everything to a single file.

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