I'm working in a school project using Unity and Firebase where I need to display the username of the current user in a Text box.

I´m already get the data from Firebase but when I try to set the userNameText's text to it, nothing happens.

This is my code:


private DatabaseReference reference;
private string userName;
public Text userNameText; 


void Start()
        //database reference (I'm hiding the project id)

        // Get the root reference location of the database.
        reference = FirebaseDatabase.DefaultInstance.RootReference;



public void GetUserData()
        reference.Child("users").Child(PlayerPrefs.GetString("userUID")).GetValueAsync().ContinueWith(task =>
            if (task.IsFaulted)
                Debug.Log("something was wrong");
            else if (task.IsCompleted)
                Dictionary<string, object> results = (Dictionary<string, object>)task.Result.Value;
                userName= (string)results["userName"];
                userNameText.text = userName;

When I run the project, it just display the userName in the console but the text box has not yet been updated.

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