So I am trying to set up a MongoDB to store information (test results,passes,failures) for extent reports using KLOV. What we want to do is use this jSON we get in mongodb and create our own version of a dashboard. The problem I am running into is, I've never connected to mongoDB before using AWS, and I am not sure if I am heading into the right direction, in code I have

klov = new KlovReporter();
klov.initMongoDbConnection("localhost", 27017);
klov.setReportName("Test" + " " + dateFormat.format(date));

I also had this in the settings via the KLOV server

# data.mongodb

What is the process of uploading this information to a AWS MongoDB server (I have a Amazon Document DB already)


1 Answers

Sethu Srinivasan On

Setup an EC2 instance where you can connect and run queries against DocumentDB.

You can refer to documentation:

  1. Copy required components to your EC2 instances to run your KLOV server

  2. Edit , comment out all the existing properties add a new property


# data.mongodb[email protected]
  1. Start your KLOV server, check the startup logs to see if there were any error messages reported

Please keep us posted if you see issues with above approach.