I am new to this program and have never programmed before. I am not sure how to proceed at all when it comes to extracting the real and imaginary numbers from the eigenvalues (generated from 1000 2x2 matrices) and I don't know how to test for stable/unstable nodes, stable/unstable focus, centers, and saddle points.

I have already generated the 1000 2 by 2 matrices and generated every single eigenvalue from them. I have also plotted these eigenvalues. However, I don't know if my next bunch of coding is even on the right track.

for(i in 1:k){


The top section is part of the code I used to generate my matrices with random numbers from -10 to 10. I tried extracting the real and imaginary numbers like this but do I need to add more to the list of points. Also, after this how would I even test for the nodes and other points.

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