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How do I enable backslash support in GCC?

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I gave a project that should be compiled under the GNU/Linux. As you perhaps guessed already, all the headers in the project use the backslash symbol \.

I know, the backslash is undefined behavior, but I need to compile it. I am pretty sure that there is a way to make GCC work with this, as the MinGW version works fine with the backslashes (I just checked this).

The most funniest thing is that the project is an application for GNU/Linux (for the ARM architecture), and likely the ARM GCC works just fine. I am just the only guy who uses GNU/Linux natively and wanted to compile the application for a desktop to have an easier debug life.

Replace the backslashes to slashes and force the colleagues to relearn for using other characters is not the way: I am just a junior, but a colleague who has worked here 4-7 years already; they just won't hear me. So, here we go...

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