I'm experimenting with docker micro-services and I'm refactoring an existing NodeJS app to run as several separate entities. What I'm used to doing is running it locally (using npm start) and whenever I save my changes, it redeploys everything locally instantly.

How do I set up VSCode with it's docker extension to work in this way? I've let VSCode create the Dockerfile \ docker-compose.yml files for each micro-service.

The guides I'm finding around the place imply pushing each change to an image repo, which when you're making small changes, seems long winded

EDIT - Okay. I got it building and deploying manually. I've had to run the build command in CMD instead of GIT Bash (minor frustration... but nothing I can't live with). Is there a way to automate this instead? So whenever a change happens inside of the directory, it just starts the build process again.

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