How do I clone a job in jenkins?

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Jenkins has the Gerrit Plugin in place so that when we do checkins to gerrit, Jenkins performs a build and if it succeeds, then the modification in gerrit is verified. If the build fails then it is not. My understanding is that this is accomplished through jobs set up in Jenkins. We have now created a new branch (git) and I guess I need to clone the existing jobs pointing to the other branch so that this same workflow occurs and builds are performed on every commit. Can somebody explain how I would clone these jobs. I don't seem to see a way to do it through the UI nor can I even see a way to list the jobs out through the UI.

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gareth_bowles On

To copy an existing job, go to http://your-jenkins/newJob and use the "Copy existing job" option. Enter the name of the existing job - Jenkins will verify whether it exists.

The default tab on the front page of Jenkins should list all existing jobs, but maybe your predecessor deleted the tab. You can create a new tab listing all jobs from http://your-jenkins/newView.

prudviraj On

You can clone a job:

  1. Click on 'New Item' link
  2. Give a new name for your job
  3. Select radio button 'Copy existing Item'
  4. Give the job name that you want to clone
  5. Click 'OK'

Finally, you have your new job, which reflects all features of your cloned one.

lkisac On

You can also use the Copy project link plugin.

This will add a link on the left side panel of your project:

enter image description here

Following screen will ask for the new Job name:

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Rohit Kataria On

In my case, I had to copy over a job from one jenkins instance to another.

So first I looked under the directory structure of the old Jenkins (the job/directory name; also noted the config.xml) and then under the directory structure of the new jenkins where I then created a directory with same name/job and copied over the config.xml under this newly created dir.

Then under, "Manage Jenkins", I hit "Reload Configuration from Disk". Thats it.

ROMANIA_engineer On

Jenkins 2.9

  1. Jenkins > New Item

    Jenkins New Item

  2. Enter an item name - E.g. "MY_CLONE"

    Enter an item name

  3. Specify the source (Copy from) job > OK

    When you start typing the name, the existing values will be found. Notice that this is case sensitive.

    Copy from OK

  4. Click on Save if you want to keep the default values.

  5. Now both jobs are available in the same location:

    View jobs

Bhushan On

All above answers are good. But if you have created "folders" for your jobs, things are slightly different.

Click on the folder under which you want to create a new job. Then click "New Item" on the left menu. Now your "new job" URL will look like this (assuming you are creating the new job under "my-folder"):


Under Enter an item name, enter your desired new job name. Then use the Copy from text box at the bottom. Enter job path of he source job.

E.g. If your source job is under folder src-folder and name of the job is src-job, you will have to enter src-folder/src-job in "Copy from" box.

Hope it helps.

Sophist On

You could use Jobcopy Builder plugin

yug On

Create a new Item and go to the last you'll find option to copy from existing, just write your current job name and you will have clone of that project to work with.

Ulka On

if you want to copy in same Jenkins but in different subfolders, create new item -> use copy from. new Job will be cloned in same directory. Then use move option to move it in desired directory

ksr On

new item>project name =abc > instead of freestyle job please select copy from job name of already existing jobs

. if I am in folder then I want to copy out of the directory then use ../ then it automatically showing all job names

avp On

All the answers here are super helpful but miss one very weird bug about Jenkins. After you have edited the new job configurations, sometimes if your zoom level is too high, you may not see the save or apply button option. The button is present on the page and hidden by your zoom level, you have to zoom out until you see the button at the bottom left of your page.

Strange, I know!

priyanka_rao On

I was not able to copy Jenkins job from subfolder. copy from option did not show the suggestion which i was looking for.Without using suggestion copying the job name didn't work.

So if you want to create a job from outer folder, you need to first create the job in subfolder and then move it in different folder where you need to place it.