How can I achieve Git Flow on my Azure Repos when I have pull request branch policies on master and develop branch? I'd love to get it working but I don't know the best practice. I currently have gitflow etup on my Azure Git repo but I have PR branch policies on master. How can I finish releases or hotfix branches if the push to master will fail because there is no PR created. Similiarly, if I have PR branch policy in AzureDevOps repo for my develop branch, I cannot "finish" my feature using "git flow feature ...finish" because the push to develop branch will fail

I've tried it without PR branch policies on develop (for finishing features) and master (for release merge and /or hotfix merge)

I've tried to consult the branch strategy guide for AzureDevOps but it makes no mention of GitFlow

The guidance is more directed at creating feature branches from "master" for new features and merging back with PR and then for releases it suggests your create release and hotfix branches from master that are never merged back.

Expected: be able to finish features and merge back to develop via PR be able to finish releas and hotfix and merge back to master and develop via PR at the same time.

Actual: Finishing a feature. release or hotfix fails when attempting to merge to any branches that have PR branch policy on them (master, develop)

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