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How do I access a random index inside an array

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I'm trying to access an array using random indexes by using arc4random to generate the random index. I'm sorry if my "technical usage of terms" are incorrect as I am fairly new to the development scene.

var backLeft = ["Clear","Drop","Smash"];    
var i = (arc4random()%(3))
var shot = backLeft[i]

This gives me an error on the third line,

Could not find an overload for 'subscript' that accepts the supplied arguments.

But, if I use,

var i = 2
var shot = backLeft[i]

Then it doesn't give me any issues. Coming from a php background, I can't seem to have any clue what's going wrong here.

Thank You! :) PS: I'm trying this on XCODE 6 inside the Swift Playground

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