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I'm writing a project with a lot of interop between wasm and JS library from npm called cesium. I am needing to borrow functions back and forth from js. I might even need to re-implement some of these functions inside wasm. I'd like to be able to test my implementation of a function against the reference implementation for example in wasm-bindgen-test

Or for example,

I have my rust type

pub struct Cartesian3 {
    pub x: f64,
    pub y: f64,
    pub z: f64,

And the reference type

#[wasm_bindgen(module = "cesium")]
extern "C" {
    #[wasm_bindgen(js_name = "Cartesian3")]
    pub type JSCartesian3;
/// Getter and setter bindings

I want to

  • use Cartesian3 wherever I can use JSCartesian3
  • Return a Cartesian3 whenever a function on the js side is expecting a JSCartesian3

this class in particular is subject to some really math-y matrix transformations, and I might try my hand at re-implementing these to make them faster. However, I'm not the most mathematically inclined and I'd like to check my work against the original JavaScript library if I'm able.

would I be able to rewrite this binding for JSCartesian3 from this:

    pub fn most_orthogonal_axis(cartesian: JSCartesian3, result: JSCartesian3) -> JSCartesian3;

to this?

    pub fn most_orthogonal_axis(cartesian: JSCartesian3, result: JSCartesian3) -> Cartesian3;

or if I were writing a rust struct that "extends" a js interface that's expecting me to return a JSCartesian3 would I be able to return my wasm Cartesian3 instead?

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