I think this may be a bug, but I am going to ask just in case.

I have a card in chat made by a bot that has a textParagraph widget in it.

It is a decently long string, but the section of interest is this: 'UM1 or UM2 this would cause the SHM app to crash.' I have shortened down to just this section of interest in a test card for my bot.

"textParagraph": {
    "text": "UM1 or UM2 this would cause the SHM app to crash."

When displayed in a card in Chrome at 100% zoom, it doesn't wrap correctly:

Example 1

If I change the length of the string (pixel length, not character count) it wraps fine.

Example 2

If I change the zoom, in or out, it also works fine.

Example 3 Example 4

If I view it on mobile, it is also fine.

It breaks at both 1920 X 1080 and 1600 X 900.

Is there anyway of changing this? Is it intended? Is it a bug?

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