I have an HP OfficeJet Pro 8610, and a nixos host. I can easily set up the printer in cups, using hplip and a hp:/net/... address.

But how can I set up scanning with simple-scan? It doesn't recognize the existence of the printer, neither does sane-find-scanner or scanimage -L. I have tried running hp-setup, but that fails complaining of error: No module named enum. I have tried installing python27Packages.enum in my user environment and also in the system environment, but no dice.


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user3416536 On Best Solutions

The problem was that the nix derivation was missing a dependency; specifically on the enum package in python. Luckily, somebody else already spotted and fixed this here; one just needs to update one's nix channel to pick it up.

To use scanning in general in NixOS with an OfficeJet Pro 8610, see here.