I have a working JUnit test class that uses DataProvider, and in fact reads the tests from files in a directory. The tests have "mock DB" implementation in a way that there are 5 files that are loaded into the memory and the served via the DB interface, and one file that is the "data-provider" (csv with inputs and expected outputs).


I'd like to change it such a way that I'll be able to add new tests in sub-directories.



It should work in such a way that it loads the mock DB in a sub-dir, then runs the tests from the same sub-dir, then resets everything and does the same for the next sub-dir.

What I have (in the comments I added some "subDir" related things, but not sure how can I use them without having to copy&paste both the provider and the test method for each sub-dir manually):

public class MyTest {
    private DataProvider1 dp1;

    private void init(/*String subDir*/) {
      // initialize mocks...
      // load actual data from files to dp1
      dp1 = new DataProvider1();
      dp1.loadFromDir("mytests" /* + "/" + subDir */);

    public static Object[][] dataProvider() throws FileNotFoundException, ParseException {
        // load the "static" test data (~ mock data)
        /*String subDir = "1";*/

        // load the tests (input, expected output)
        DataProviderFetcher tests = new DataProviderFetcher();
        preLoadFetcher("mytests" /*+ File.separator + subDir*/ + File.separator + "data-provider.csv", DATA_PROVIDER_PARSER, tests);
        return tests.data.toArray(new Object[0][]);

    public void testMyCode(String errorMessage, X input, Y expected) throws Exception {
        Y actual = new MyCode().calculate(input);
        assertEquals(errorMessage, expected, actual);


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