In a section of road (I exported a portion of map from osm), I have already placed a RSU and generate some random trips of some vehicles. I would like now simulate the exchanges of messages as described bellow: - the RSU broadcasts periodically a message, like WSA or SAM (Service Announcement Message), and all vehicles that receive the message will respond to the RSU. Hence, I would like to simulate packet loss according to the number of vehicles and number of exchanges messages handled by the RSU. I don't know where to change the first sender of message in the original veins source code. In the original veins program, it is a node[0] that triggers the accident message.

Thank you in advance for your return.

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Christoph Sommer On

You can find the source code of the application running in the Veins 5a1 example simulation in src/veins/modules/application/traci/

I would recommend to start learning about Veins by running the example simulation and playing around with the above mentioned file to see how/what the behavior of the simulation changes.

If you are new to OMNeT++ as well, you will likely find it very useful to start by learning plain OMNeT++ (that is, without Veins) first. The OMNeT++ Tic Toc tutorial is an excellent place to start here.