So, I'm facing an issue with a Pivot table in Excel.

First, I've got a SQL connection to a source of data that returns a table, Date being a field in this table.

Second, I connect a Pivot table on top of my table.

Then, I put Date as a Column in my Pivot.

Here's the issue: - When I refresh the source, let's say that all dates changes: I used to have 24/04 & 23/04, and now I have 17/04 & 18/04 - I want to always show 17/04 & 18/04, and never show 24/04 & 23/04 as it is not in the data anymore - Thing is, it's either I only show 17/04 & 18/04 if I have data, or I show everything when I tick the box Fields Settings -> Layout & Print -> Show Items with no data

How can I refresh the Columns so my pivot only shows 17/04 & 18/04 and stop showing 24/04 & 23/04 if it's not in the data anymore?

I tried to play with all Fields settings buttons, nothing seems to work. I haven't written any VBA, not sure it could help

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