i have a table. to print like this https://up.djelfa.info/uploads/155762484493151.png I want to make the observation take the whole table means it remains empty. The empty box takes all the table. https://up.djelfa.info/uploads/155762492124361.png im working with fastreport 5 vcl master data https://up.djelfa.info/uploads/155762509600791.png

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JacalarRick On

Per your last link, it appears that you have hard-drawn the cell lines in your master data row. This means they will print for each row. There are, however, multiple ways to get around this:

  1. Make the upper and lower lines for your Observation column separate objects (e.g. LineObsTop and LineObsBottom). Then, in the MasterData Band's OnBeforePrint, adjust the visibility of these based on the values of the column
  2. Don't hard-code cell lines! Instead, make sure the cell fields all align perfectly and use the fields' Frame properties. Then use the Observation field's OnBeforePrint to adjust the frame based on value.
  3. Similar to #2, but use conditional formatting for the cell, adjusting the frame.