Im not able to use the @ symbol in Angular 4 *ngFor, it throws Unexpected token Lexer Error: Unexpected character [@]

I tried to use **, '', "" and `` , none seems to work, I already made a XML to JSON conversion (that is why the array has the @ symbols).

This is my Angular code:

<tr *ngFor="let data of dataResumen">
 <td class="border" text-center>{{[email protected]}}</td>

and the json:

"data": [
            "@DATA_DOMAIN": "CGO",
            "@REF_AREA": "PA",
            "@INDICATOR": "PAN_CGO_GCRG_XDC",
            "@COUNTERPART_AREA": "_Z",
            "@FREQ": "Q",
            "@UNIT_MULT": "6",
            "Obs": [
                    "@TIME_PERIOD": "2018-Q4",
                    "@OBS_VALUE": "3672.0896000000002"

1 Answers

Michael Stavropulos On Best Solutions

answered by @R.Richards and the rest of the team comments, did it with {{ data["@INDICATOR"] }} for some reason In order to work I have to leave an blank space between the curly braces {{blankspacedata["@INDICATOR"]blankspace}}.