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I have a flask app with simple functionalities of a blog website codes given in below Github repo -

It's data like user login details and blogs are stored in my system MySql-server.

On local machine it's working perfectly fine.

Now I want it to be deployed over internet.

What I tried so far is :

  1. Heroku but problem with heroku is it need some postgressql and my whole data is stored in MySQL so I can't conver it.

  2. Hosting flask part on Heroku and Database on but 000webhost don't allow to connect to database outside of 00webhost

  3. Hosting on but then again failed also It don't support import MySQLdb instead it supports sqlalchemy

I want some way or something stable way through which I can export my data stored in mysql and don't have to change my code.

It would be great if you provide step by step guide.

P.S I don't have problem paying small amount

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