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I have a website on byethost where I've transfered my local website to.

The index background image appears locally, but not on the website. How come if I uploaded the files there?

I've checked the path and it's, correct. The image is not missing.

------------- EDIT -----------------

I fount out that the css file has this code:

    background-image: url('../images/fundoIndex.jpg');

But the code displayed in the console is:

    background-image: url('../images/fundoIndex.png');

Even tho I've changed it and it's saved, the host sends the old css file for display.. why?

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Community On Best Solutions

Your image is not rendering because you have set the file extension for your background image as "PNG" when it should actually be "JPG".


body { background-image: url('../images/fundoIndex.png'); }

should be...

body { background-image: url('../images/fundoIndex.jpg'); }
HTownGirl17 On

I noticed that your css file is in a separate folder than your index file. Take it out of that folder & see it that helps.

Also, try changing the name of your image. You have the word index capitalized in the name of the image. Linux servers are case sensitive so no caps on any names. This happened to me before & the fix was as simple as changing from uppercase to lowercase. I hope this helps!