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i have a peculiar question. Iam developing a php GTK2 desktop application, and my purpose is to hide the source code from the client, to whom i will handle the desktop application (deploy in his system), once it is completed.

Our motto is to enable the client to run the application, without the need for a browser.

I have heard about tools like ioncube encoder that can encrypt the php source code. I want the same functionality to be achieved with the GTK application.

Others must not be able to see the source code. How can this be achieved ?

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Etienne Marais On Best Solutions

If you want to go the paid for route, ioncube seems good. I've found a nice article that explains this and gives you some options - it seems like Zend has the best solution if you go by price.


I hope this helps you.

Pierre On

I have never heard of a good free solution for this.

There is a couple of vendors providing tools to do this. By googling I found this page that presents different solutions:


I think the Alladin usb key encryption system is one of the most robust one, but not free.

And you can also make a copy of your code and remove all comments, use only non-explicit variable names etc, so that even if your customer breaks the encryption, it would still be hard to understand the code...

Hope this helps!


Robert Beran On

i would do the following -

  1. With a File:

you need something, which is encrypt your phpgtk script in a file and then if its called you need to decrypt the file it for a few milliseconds and send it to the php.exe interpreter of your phpgtk folder and then delete it ...


  1. With shared memory

you make the same - but the decrypted phpgtk code is stored in some shared memory and then if its called you read out the shared memory area and then delete this blocks...

okay ... i am working on such at the moment with c# ...