I have some problems when trying to integrate Google Adsense to my Weather Website.

  1. The google banner is running but not well. Sometimes, it doesn't show anything except for a blank banner. Like in this pic: Picture

  2. The first problem leads me to think about hiding the banner when there's no ads loaded. I found a solution which is adding data-ad-format="auto" to the banner tag. But I need to customize the banner dimension for the mobile. If I use data-ad-format="auto", I will not be able to customize the dimensions of the banner.

Does anyone has a solution for this? Hiding the banner when there's no ads?

Thank you very much!

1 Answers

Ryan NZ On

I have had this problem for quite a while, the first ad unit above the fold does not collapse (with collapse set within Adsense), yet the ads below the fold will collapse. I have read that it will work if you integrate it with Google Ad Manager though I haven't had time to test it yet