I just verified my Heroku account, then I open git bash and type:

$ heroku login

bash respond:

heroku: Press any key to open up the browser to login or q to exit:
Opening browser to https://cli-auth.heroku.com/auth/browser/c31ddaf9-7a55-4daf-afad-a0500e924c26
heroku: Waiting for login...
Logging in... done
Logged in as [my mail address]

and then I can type whatever I want and it does not get and execute the command, behaving like a text editor. And when i click on the cross to close it, a warning message appears: see warning message

telling that some processes are still going on. How do I unlock the freezing and go on using Bash?

1 Answers

Tms91 On

I solved it by hitting CTRL+C to break out and chose yes [y]. It turns out that the git bash terminal has the frequent problem of turning "frozen" after you enter a command. Whenever it happens, you should press CTRL+C