I'm using Selenium webdriver with Google Chrome. This is the code I was using to set the proxy for chrome:

chrome_options = webdriver.ChromeOptions()
chrome_options.add_argument('--proxy-server=%s' % my_proxy)

This code worked for months. I'm coming back now and it is not working... I've tried older versions of Selenium, Chrome, Chromium, and the webdriver. None of the changes I do seem to work :(

Additionally, running chrome.exe from the command line while passing --proxy-server does not work! Chrome silently ignores the passed proxy...

Does anyone have any idea what is going on here? I've spent days trying to figure out how to get this simple selenium script working... Thanks so much :)

EDIT: I just tried running chrome.exe with the --proxy-server flags on a friend who has the same computer as mine and it worked...

1 Answers

superuser On

This was one of the chrome extensions I had installed... If chrome.exe --proxy-server=xxx is not working try removing all extensions.

Hopefully no one else has to waste 3 days on this :(