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Handling long integer-divisions in python

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I observed data loss in python integer division. Below is a sample:

In [37]: 1881676377427221798261593926550420634004875213170503083 * 123456789789456123
Out[37]: 232305724979817822068561403710502859128427941904411569030164388864727209

In [38]: int(232305724979817822068561403710502859128427941904411569030164388864727209 / 123456789789456123)
Out[38]: 1881676377427221679799422390196630516487239698149801984

In [39]: 232305724979817822068561403710502859128427941904411569030164388864727209 / 123456789789456123
Out[39]: 1.8816763774272217e+54

Observation: Over multiple attempts with random long integers, I observed that the numbers seem to differ near about where it loses precision in the mantissa-exponent format.

Can anyone please help me know where I am missing? (Or is this really a limitation!)

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