Grammar definition in Atom stylesheet?

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I have been customizing a syntax theme using my stylesheet in Atom (using JuliaPro). I noticed that the type definitions will always be the same color. To clarify what I mean by that, say I have the following

struct Foo

In my code, Array{Float64,2} is all the same color, instead of Array and Float64 having the type color, and the brackets/constant their respective colors as shown above.

Based on what I understood from the julia.cson grammars, this is the case because whatever comes after the :: operator is identified as a type, and will be colored as such.

Can I somehow overwrite that in my style.less file, without having to change the grammar in julia.cson? Is it perhaps possible to define a group of words in my stylesheet, and set the color for matching words for that specific group? Any ideas/suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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