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grails 3.3.9, + tag libs

I create a new taglib like this

import java.time.LocalDateTime
import java.time.format.DateTimeFormatter

class JavaDateTimeTagLib {
    static defaultEncodeAs = [taglib:'html']
    //static encodeAsForTags = [tagName: [taglib:'html'], otherTagName: [taglib:'none']]
    static encodeAsForTags = [testCall: [taglib:'none']]

    static namespace = "jdt"        //java8 date time name space for tags

    def testCall = { attrs ->

        def p1 = attrs.p1
        def p2 = attrs.p2
        out << "p1:'$p1' with class ${p1.getClass()}"
        out << "p2:'$p2' with class ${p2.getClass()}"

where i want to pass a non string variable to the attrs map.

i then setup the test like this

class JavaDateTimeTagLibSpec extends Specification implements TagLibUnitTest<JavaDateTimeTagLib> {

    def setup() {

    def cleanup() {

     * restriction params must be quoted values - esentially strings
     * taglib has to take that and do any conversions in the taglib
     * output by defaults is encoded html using std codec
    void "call displayDateTime tag "() {

        String result = applyTemplate('<jdt:testCall p1="p1-string" p2="$now"  />' , [])

        when :
        println "$result "


What i'm trying to do is pass a LocalDateTime variable to the attrs map.

if you use applyTemplate and pass p2=ldt, and test map [] the test fails saying the variable must be 'quoted

[Byte array resource [test_1549319950845]:1] Attribute value must be quoted (p1="p1-string" p2=now).

if you quote the p2 variable using p2="$ldt" and test map the sname as [], then the test will work - However the type passed to the attrs map is GStringImpl

however reading the OCI guide oci tag lib guide

it implies on page 4 that you can pass attrs.employees as a list of domainobjects and use that in you markup

but theres no way to invoke this using the testing as everything has to be string quoted - which makes it GStringImpl

how do you pass non string variable to a taglibs attrs map from appyTemplate (.. i presume the same restiction applies in live gsp and not just the testing framework )

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