I am looking into GoReplay as to reproduce part of the production traffic that occurred yesterday.

The traffic I want to reproduce has been recorded with nginx, and I can save it as a .log or .csv file.

From what I can tell from the replay http traffic docs it is possible to reproduce traffic using a command like:

sudo gor --input-file request.gor --output-http="http://localhost:3001"

but this requires a .gor file.

My question is, is the reproduction of traffic (using GoReplay) restricted to .gor files, or could I use nginx .log files to do so?

If this is not possible, and given that I don't have a .gor file describing the yesterday requests, would you recommend creating a file conversion script, to convert the log files into .gor files, or can you recommend a better approach?

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Rafael Marques On

After asking this question on the GoReplay GitHub page, I got the answer that: * there is no way to reproduce traffic directly from logs; * you must use .gor files to recreate the traffic;

Thus, the only way to replay from traffics is to create a .log to .gor file converter.

link to official answer: https://github.com/buger/goreplay/issues/668