I am new to in-app purchase.

I am writing a mobile app which will allow users to create groups (like WhatsApp Groups). Each user in these groups can perform an action once, for each such action they will need to use a coin. These coins will be bought by a group member for that entire group (one coin per user). Now in this scenario, what I can say is,

  • each purchase will be per group not per user
  • one user will be buying on behalf of other users.
  • One user can be in many groups, and also he can do the purchase for more than one group.
  • based on my little knowledge, the user will not be able to buy more unless they have consumed previous purchases. So how do I allow them to make a purchase for multiple groups, even before they consume it?

I am not sure if I can implement these with, Google/Apple in-app purchases or not.

Also, can I use third party payment gateways (not counting it as in-app purchase) to make users to the payment, so I can make it customized as per our needs?

Please advise?

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