Fist of all, im using old ga.js library, so i cannot use analytics.js. This is because requirements. Iḿ trying to track one "pageview" for a page loaded by ajax, i need it to apper in my reports and compare it with other entries of regular post pages.

I was reading the documentation and figured out how to set one pageview, but is not enought. First, i need to give it a custom url, so i can difference it from the main page. Then i need to calculate the "page load time" that analytics calculate by default and replicate that behaviour. I know i have to calculate the time, but i dont know how to "send" it as the load time for that "page load".

var time = x; var url = y; gaq.push(['_trackPageview']);

Then with that code i need to generate an entry in my report, with the provided url and load time = time;

I guess i have to send the values as a parameter, but i cannot get the proper reference in the documentation.


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