I've been working with vertx for some months, but I am new to reactivex vertx.

I've tested sending requests to services over their eventbus through junit tests and I get successful responses, but when I try start a local server (through reactivex' createHttpServer method) and send a request over the eventbus, I am getting no response from the service.

The response I receive is io.vertx.core.eventbus.ReplyException: Timed out after waiting 30000(ms) for a reply: __vertx.reply.1

My question is this-- Is there any way deployment of a server may block responses from an eventbus?

Things of note: - I've debugged this and noticed that there are no tasks populated into the TaskQueue of io.vertx.core.impl.TaskQueue. Could that be the culprit?

  • I know that the service is not failing, I have a logger the shows the response is resolved, it's just not sending back to the client.

  • I've tried increasing the timeout, no avail. I believe the message must be getting stuck, the shut off happens once the taskqueue resolves with no tasks.

I am retrieving the response object from the service through a blockingGet, such as below

MyResponseObject myResponseObject = (MyResponseObject) vertx.eventBus().rxSend("myservice.address", myRequestObject, deliveryOptions).blockingGet().body();

I am expecting an object such as the one that comes from the logger I have but on the side of service I am querying, but I am getting nothing in my response.

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