I was trying to read barcode using Firebase ML kit API and setup the surface view for camera.

On takePicture() Callback i am feeding the bitmap to the FirebaseVisionBarcodeDetector().

However, I don't know whats getting wrong it is just responding to onCompleteListener, neither to onSuccess nor to onFailure Listener.

I have provided the permission to Camera and also to the external storage and also as barcode library was not downloading i removed data of google play settings and tried it.

I am getting this error in LogCat:

2019-05-04 08:15:55.889 26986-26986/com.example.libro E/libc: Access denied finding property "camera.hal1.packagelist"

2019-05-04 08:15:55.885 26986-26986/com.example.libro W/libro: type=1400 audit(0.0:104722): avc: denied { read } for name="u:object_r:camera_prop:s0" dev="tmpfs" ino=4918 scontext=u:r:untrusted_app:s0:c512,c768 tcontext=u:object_r:camera_prop:s0 tclass=file permissive=0

I hope the library of barcode has downloaded:

2019-05-04 08:16:11.937 26986-27143/com.example.libro I/Vision: libbarhopper.so library load status: true

2019-05-04 08:16:11.948 26986-27143/com.example.libro I/DynamiteModule: Considering local module com.google.android.gms.flags:3 and remote module com.google.android.gms.flags:3

2019-05-04 08:16:11.948 26986-27143/com.example.libro I/DynamiteModule: Selected local version of com.google.android.gms.flags

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