I am in Java and Angular beginner. I designed the jdl file as follows.

In the filter of the values of the Lookus table, I am unable to display a syntax that only shows the country or the city

This Screenshot may be better described: https://pasteboard.co/IbpZhEb.png

application {
  config {
    applicationType monolith,
    baseName app
    packageName com.mycompany.myapp,
    authenticationType jwt,
    prodDatabaseType postgresql,
    devDatabaseType postgresql,
    cacheProvider ehcache,
    enableHibernateCache true,
    buildTool maven,
    searchEngine elasticsearch,
    testFrameworks [protractor],
    clientFramework angularX,
    useSass true,
    enableTranslation true,
    nativeLanguage en,
    languages [en, fa ,ar-ly]

entities LookupType, Lookups ,Person 

entity LookupType {
  lookupTypeIdentification Integer required,
  lookupTypeDiscription String required 
filter LookupType

entity Lookups {
  lookupsDiscription String required 
filter Lookups

entity Person {
  nationalCode Long required ,
  name String required ,
  family String required ,
  birithDate ZonedDateTime,
  gender Gender

enum Gender {

relationship OneToMany {
LookupType {lTDiscription} to Lookups{lookupTypeDiscription(lookupTypeDiscription)}

relationship OneToMany {
Lookups {Country} to Person{Nationality(lookupsDiscription)}
Lookups {city} to Person{birthPlace(lookupsDiscription)}
Lookups {color} to Person{hairColor(lookupsDiscription)}
service all with serviceImpl except Lookups , LookupType ,Person
paginate Lookups with infinite-scroll
paginate LookupType with pagination
paginate Person with infinite-scroll

I had a few questions: 1. Is this possible through jdl? Of course, without adding too many tables! 2. If the answer to the above question is negative, what is the solution? 3) Angular What route receives data from Spring?(code)

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