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File Format for graphics that only re-draw the changes?

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I have not looked into this for years, but i recall there was a way to save files and transmit them (say over TCP/UDP) that only re-drew the changes on the other end.

CPU 1. Has a camera that captures images at some frame rate and TXs CPU 2. Reads UDP traffic and draws the image on some frame buffer or window

When i did this last time i just streamed JPEGs and redrew the whole screen in every draw routine.

My brother mentioned there was a protocol like MJPEG (but not MJPEG?) which would only TX and redraw the changed pixels, saving resources.

Can anyone give me an example of a file format or video protocol that does NOT redraw the entire frame buffer/window region during a new draw routine, assuming only a small amount of pixels changed? I am not talking about redrawing widgets and what not, assume the whole image consumes the entire frame buffer/window.

I can clarify my question if my graphics terminology is wrong.

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