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Fetching specific text from a dialog box using autoit

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I want to get text from a dialog box. I am getting the title from the dialog box using winGetTitle() function.

My code in autoit is as follows:

$pId = Run("C:/foldername/Dialogbox.exe")

Local $hWnd   = WinWait("[CLASS:#32770]", "", 10)
Local $sTitle = WinGetTitle("[ACTIVE]")

; Display the window title.
ConsoleWrite($sTitle & @CRLF)

; changing control from the class containg title to the class containing the text. 
Local $hSysTray_Handle = ControlGetHandle('[Class:#32770]', '', '[Class:SysListView32;Instance:1]')
Local $sText           = WinGetText("[ACTIVE]")
Local $sTextnew        = ControlGetText($hSysTray_Handle, "", $sText)

ConsoleWrite($sTextnew & @CRLF)

This returns only the title and not the text in the dialog box. #32770 is the main class of dialog box and title, text are in the different classes in basic control info in autoit.

I am new to autoit and don't know how to fetch the text from dialog box. Or should I use sikuli for this?

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