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Fastest way to remove `..` and related folder from path?

Asked by At

The question

Given a path like thus:


Which we can immediately parse in our minds, and as the OS will parse as:


What's the fastest way to do that programmatically? In other words, does a library function already exist that will do this for me cleanly so that I don't botch it myself.

My first shot at an answer

// in pseudocode
string[] s = input.split('\')
string output
for ( int i = s.length ; i > 0 ; i-- ) {
  if ( s[i] == ".." ) i--;
  else output = s[i] + "\" + output
return output

But notice that this answer doesn't cover the case (unexpected, but potential) for


which would of course be


TSQL functions will work as well!!!!!

Not important to the question but I felt like sharing ;)

I'm passing it from a returned value (off a webservice call) into a sproc (for XML shredding) and want to eliminate the foo\..\ as the value I pass in is used as the key for preventing duplicate processing later. If I insert G:\path\foo\..\bar\baz.txt and another script inserts G:\path\bar\baz.txt the file will be processed twice.

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