I am trying to run automated tests using Selenium Webdriver and webdrivermanager (bonigarcia). I am using Ubuntu + IntelliJ Idea. For Firefox, driver is starting without any issues. For Chrome I get the information:

selenium webdriver failed to load extension from . manifest file is missing or unreadable

I am not getting any name of this extension here, so no idea what is the problem.

I already tried to uninstall, clear all caches, try on a different PC, etc.


2 Answers

dudziakm On Best Solutions

The solution for that issue was to change the type of Chromium browser. I have uninstalled Chromium which was in snap version and installed Chromium Web Driver. More info can be found here: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1075103/chromium-config-folder-is-missing-in-ubuntu-18-04

Akbar On

Try to update chrome latest and bonigracia 3.4.0