Facial Expression recognition

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I want to do project on Facial Expression Recognition.It will be to detect the expressions of a person using neural networks e.g happy,sad etc.Is it possible in java??

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Mark Elliot On

Yes, Java has all the functionality required to create what you're describing -- but you'll have to write your own or find libraries for components like the neural network and a face-detector. Additionally you'll need come up with features (possibly) and have enough data to train your neural network for adequate performance.

Klark On

Of course it is possible to do it in any language. Java is nice choice for that.

Check this thread.

Rekin On

I'd start off with OpenCV (Open Computer Vision) bindings for Java. That can make you go through the initial image recognition hoops.

There are some Java Neural Network implementations, here are top two:

With this I believe You can get quite far.