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External/Internal/In-Line CSS src

Asked by At

Excuse me for the n00b question, I'm learning:

I have 2 questions:

  1. I was taught that "internal" CSS (style tag) has more priority than "external" CSS (linked to a CSS sheet), but when I was playing with the elements order on HTML, if I put the "external" below the "internal", the "external" get the priority. They have the same "priority level" and it depends of which one is positioned last on the cascade?

  2. I noticed that "style" and "link" tags works on the head section and also in the body section, but this information should be on the head section in order to best practice? (or better, I should use just CSS sheets, lol, but it would be great if you can answer me for knowledge)

once again, excuse me for the n00b question and my english, not my native language.

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